Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge With Toilet Water For 800 Million Without Clean H2O

Matt Damon was conflicted when friends Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck called on him to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Find out who Damon challenges here. 

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The little guy’s 1st day #proudmommy #finallyaquiethouse #nowjustonemoretogo #althoughhesnotevenhereyet #disregardthesehashtags ☺️😳😏

I know exactly when my favorite time of year is coming up because of all the pumpkin treats!!! And these two right here? AH-MAZING!!!! #ilovefall #pumpkinspiceandeverythingnice #summeriskillingme

Who would’ve thought that 7 years has gone by since this wonderful person was added to my life. 1st grade here we come!!!

What goes well with pregnancy cravings? Homemade peach milkshakes that’s what!!! And this one is so good. Baby #3 is too happy!!! #pregnancycravings


"You know, the three of us have been living on the edge way too long. When we’re not running from the police, we’re fending off some costumed whack-job. Gotham is worse than ever. That gives us a choice — we can get out, or band together.” - Catwoman

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Sometimes a classic red is all you need… #stillanailaddict

To the man who makes me a better woman, to the greatest dad on the planet, and the perfect amount of geek to my nerd Happy Father’s Day to the love of my life @rbethunejr

Although he’s not on social media at all, I’m happy that he’s my dad! Happy Father’s Day to my dad!!!